Toxicology Services

Hepregen offers a range of toxicology services using our HepatoPac® co-culture or HepatoMune® tri-culture models. Our experienced scientific staff works closely with our clients to design assays to meet their needs. We take great pride in our quality results and impeccable customer care. If you don't see your application of interest, our scientists can work with you to create a custom assay.

Common Toxicology Readouts

  • ATP content
  • Albumin secretion
  • Urea synthesis
  • ALT release
  • Cellular glutathione content

Why use HepatoPac and HepatoMune Technology for Toxicology Studies?

  • Proven to be more predictive of in vivo outcomes
  • Enables chronic dosing studies because of the extended functionality of HepatoPac co-cultures
  • Innovative HepatoMune model enables DDI & DILI studies
  • Identify species-specific toxicity - HepatoPac is available for human, rat, monkey and dog models
  • Highly reproducible, accurate results using a fully validated micro-liver platform

Working with Hepregen

Your collaboration with Hepregen begins with a study planning exercise. Your Hepregen Account Manager will set up a meeting between you, our scientific team, and a Client Research Specialist to discuss the specific goals of your project. Following the meeting, a Project Manager will be assigned to your project and will work with you to design a custom work-plan. The Project Manager will also work with you to coordinate the shipment and receipt of your test articles. Once the study has been completed,our Senior Scientist will generate a report consisting of background, methods, results (including the raw data), and conclusions. After your receipt of the final report, we will follow up with you to discuss the final results and address any questions. Throughout this process, your Account Manager and Project Manager will be available to you for questions and/or updates.

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Technical Resources

Type Title
Application Note HepatoMune: A Bioengineered Micro-liver Platform for the Study of Inflammatory Responses in Toxicology Investigation
Application Note HepatoPac: A Bioengineered Micro-liver Platform for Predictive and Mechanistic Toxicology Studies
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Publication Microscale Culture of Human Liver Cells for Drug Development.
Poster Global Gene Expression Changes Induced In Primary Human Hepatocytes by Thiazolidinediones Upon Repeat Dosing of HepatoPac® Cultures
Poster HepatoPac® Allows Determination of Toxicity under Chronic Dosing and at Relevant Concentrations

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