Multi Species HepatoPac Kits

Multi-Species HepatoPac® Kits

Run all your DMPK & Toxicology assays using two or more species in a single experiment! These unique multi-species microplates are a plug-and-play product able to simultaneously collect data from two or more species in a single experiment providing the highest efficiency approach to predicting likely in vivo outcomes.

Standard Multi-Species HepatoPac Kits
Hepregen currently offers a Rat/Human HepatoPac 24-well MetID kit. This dual species kit contains standard 24-well tissue culture plates with hepatocyte co-cultures derived from Sprague-Dawley or Wistar Han in 12 wells and human hepatocytes in the other 12 wells.

Hepatocyte co-cultures from each species remain viable and fully functional in vitro for over 4 weeks.

Rat Human metid callout

Kit Features:

  • Proprietary hepatocyte co-culture technology
  • Co-culture derived from two + species on a single microplate
  • Superior data for both slowly and rapidly metabolized drugs
  • Culture longevity of up to 4 weeks

Kits contain:

  • 24-well plate containing both human hepatocyte co-cultures (12 wells) and rat hepatocyte co-cultures (12 wells)
  • Maintenance Media
  • Application-specific Media and additives
  • Instructions for culture maintenance and application-specific protocols
  • On-site customer training included

Custom Multi-Species HepatoPac Kits
Hepregen offers custom plates combining available species (Human, Rat, Dog, Monkey) according to your project plan. Contact us for pricing and information.

For information about the use of the Rat/Human HepatoPac™ model system for other applications, or custom plates with a combination of other species please contact your local sales manager for more information.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed! Every kit is backed by Hepregen's performance guarantee and professional customer scientific support. If you are unable to produce desired results in your lab, Hepregen's scientists will run your compounds through our in-house pipeline.


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Presentation Application of a Micropatterned Co-cultured (MPCC) Hepatocyte System to Predict Preclinical and Human Specific Drug Metabolism - Request Presentation