HepatoPac Kit Quality

HepatoPac® Kit Quality

We take great pride in the reliability of our co-culture kit manufacturing and quality. All kits contain industry-standard 24- or 96-well microplates that contain pre-patterned HepatoPac™ co-cultures. HepatoPac™ co-cultures are extensively characterized for each donor and model system. Specific information for individual donor/lots is available in the specification sheet section of our web resource center.

Focus on Manufacturing & Quality

Reproducibility of HepatoPac

HepatoPac co-cultures derived from a single donor show a high level of reproducibility. Performance in a variety of toxicity assays was evaluated and found to be nearly identical. Figure 1 summarizes the results of ATP examination (CellTiter-Glo®) following dosing with a variety of compounds.

Kit Quality
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Two human HepatoPac co-cultures from the same donor were dosed two times over 5 days with various concentration of Troglitazone, Diclofenac, Tolmetin, Tetracycline, Ibuprofed and Aspirin. Co-cultures were examined for ATP levels via the CellTiter-Glo assay.

Other endpoints tested:

  • Urea synthesis
  • Albumin secretion
  • GSH
  • MTT

Highly Stable HepatoPac Co-cultures from Our Lab to Yours

HepatoPac kits are shipped on Day 5 following co-culture plating. Hepregen conducted extensive shipping studies on all co-cultures to ensure viability throughout the shipping process. Test results summarizing this data are summarized below.

Shipping Study (US to Europe)

  • 24-well (MetID) & 96-well (Clearance) HepatoPac plates shipped to Lisbon, Portugal
  • “Incubator” package used for HepatoPac plate shipping
  • Separate 4°C package used for media
  • Identical HepatoPac plates retained at Hepregen as controls
  • HepatoPac shipment to Lisbon in 26 Hours (48 hours targeted)
  • MetID and clearance applications conducted at Hepregen (controls) and at Hospital Santa Maria Laboratory

Clearance Correlation Shipped and Unshipped Human HepatoPac

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Consistent MetID Study Results using Shipped and Unshipped Human HepatoPacs

Kit Quality
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