Human HepatoPac® Kits

Human HepatoPac kits are an ideal way to conduct all your DMPK, Predictive Toxicology & Mechanistic Toxicology applications. Begin dosing as early as 3 days after receiving the kit! Use our Human HepatoPac Triple Donor plates for the ultimate in convenience.  HepatoPac co-cultures derived from 3 independent and highly characterized donors are provided on a single plate (8-wells from each donor).

Kits Feature:

Kits contain:

  • Human HepatoPac Co-Cultures
  • Human HepatoPac Maintenance Media
  • Application-specific Media and additives
  • Instructions for culture maintenance and application-specific protocols
  • On-site customer training included

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Every kit is backed by Hepregen's performance guarantee and professional customer scientific support.  If you are unable to produce desired results in your lab, Hepregen's scientists will run your compounds through our in-house pipeline.

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Human HepatoPac in vitro co-cultures remain viable and highly functional for  4 weeks. These co-cultures secrete albumin, synthesize urea, display functional bile  canaliculi, and metabolize compounds using active Phase I and Phase II drug metabolism  enzymes.



Human HepatoPac co-cultures were created and maintained in vitro for over 4 weeks. No substantial  changes to the morphology of micropatterned co-cultures with the maintenance of the polygonal  shape. Transport of a fluorescent dye via MRP-2 demonstrates the robust network of bile canaliculi  between hepatocytes.


Liver Function


Various CYP and Phase II enzyme activities were measured over time of Human HepatoPac co-cultures derived from three donors (1307, 3121A and 3121B). Metabolites were assessed using mass spectrometry. 

Metabolizing Enzyme Activity


Various CYP and Phase II enzyme activities were measured over time of Human HepatoPac co-cultures.   Metabolites were assessed using mass spectrometry.

Product Specifications

HepatoPac kits can be used for any assay that can be run using sandwich, monoculture plates or suspension cultures. Due to the extended in vitro functionality of HepatoPac co-cultures, Hepregen kits enable studies such as low turnover clearance or chronic toxicity studies that could not otherwise be performed. Human HepatoPac kits are application-specific, containing optimized media and plate layouts.
Applications Include:

Don't see your application? Hepregen scientists are available to discuss your application needs and recommend the appropriate kit, or develop a custom solution.

All kits are provided with pre-patterned primary human hepatocyte/stromal cell co-cultures. Primary hepatocytes and stromal cells are patterned on Day 0, cultured at Hepregen and shipped to clients on Day 5 of culture. Plates are delivered within 24 to 48 hours of shipping. Cells are ready for dosing on Day 8 of culture (1 to 2 days after receiving the plates). HepatoPac co-cultures remain functional for up to 4 weeks in vitro, providing users with schedule flexibility. We take great pride in the reliability of co-culture manufacturing and their stability during shipping. Learn more about Kit Quality.

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Type Title
Application Note HepatoPac® A Bioengineered Micro-Liver Platform for Predictive Drug Metabolism and Toxicity Studies. An overview of a predictive, in vitro micro-liver co-culture system providing in vivo performance.
Publication Assessment of Rat and Human HepatoPac® to Detect Compounds that Cause Drug Induced Liver Injury in Humans - Toxicological Sciences, first published online November 14, 2012.
Poster Micropatterned Primary Hepatocyte Co-Cultures for Drug Metabolism and Toxicity Studies - Presented at the 2011 Society of Toxicology Conference

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