Hepregen and Qualyst Team up with The HepatoPac B-CLEAR Transporter Kit

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HepatoPac® B-CLEAR® Transporter Kit

The HepatoPac® B-CLEAR® Transporter Kit combines the proven B-CLEAR® technology and Transporter Certified™ human hepatocytes with cutting-edge HepatoPac micro-patterned co-cultures to create a best-in-class solution.

Key Advantages to using the HepatoPac® B-CLEAR® Transporter Kit

  • Superior Drug Transporter Function
    • Bile pockets are formed and maintained consistent with liver physiology
  • Uptake and Efflux activities are robust and balanced
    • Robust Transporter and P450 Activity and Expression
    • Expression and Activity levels are reproducibly maintained
  • Culture Longevity Supporting Chronic Exposure

HepatoPac® B-CLEAR® Transporter Kits contain Transporter Certified™ human hepatocytes, providing a standard for hepatocyte function and ensuring reproducibility from experiment to experiment. Transporter Certified™ hepatocytes have characterized uptake and efflux drug transport that result in physiologic intracellular concentrations (ICC), the driver for all intracellular processes.

What is B-CLEAR®?

B-CLEAR® technology refers to a patented methodology that — when applied to properly functioning hepatic cells in culture — opens the bile pockets (analogous to bile canaliculi in vivo), allowing material that has been transported from inside the cell to be measured.  Measuring biliary efflux provides the ability to evaluate biliary clearance, transporter interactions, and intracellular concentration. The B-CLEAR® technology is patented in over 45 countries worldwide, providing an exclusive position in the transporter research field.

The B-CLEAR® technology has been optimized over 10 years of work, ensuring that the primary hepatocytes are properly polarized with functioning uptake and efflux transporters, critical to controlling test article and endogenous compounds inside the hepatocyte (intracellular concentrations). No other technology can deliver this level of transporter activity measurement, and therefore provide the most physiologic intracellular concentrations possible (Figure 1).


Figure 1. B-CLEAR® technology ensures that the functioning hepatic
transporters provide the most physiologic intracellular concentrations.


Drug Transporter Function

The HepatoPac® B-CLEAR® Transporter Kit’s combined technologies retain metabolic capacity and transporter function, allowing for the assessment of drug as well as metabolite transport. The HepatoPac® B-CLEAR® Transporter Kit maintains in vivo-like morphology and displays functional bile canaliculi in vitro.  Transporter uptake and efflux are robust, balanced, and produce physiologic intracellular concentrations, consistent with in vivo performance.

Graph 1A-1D. Taurocholate Hepatobiliary Disposition in HepatoPac®- B-CLEAR® Transporter Kit Compared to Sandwich Cultured Hepatocytes


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Graphs 2A-2B. Robust Transporter and CYP450 Activity and Expression. Optimal expression of Transporters and P450 and between Days 9-11

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Product Specifications

HepatoPac® B-CLEAR® Transporter Kits include live co-cultures of Transporter Certified™ hepatocytes and stromal cells in 24-well plates plus appropriate media for your transporter assay.

Both Hepregen and Qualyst take great pride in the reliability of co-culture manufacturing and their stability during shipping. Learn more about Kit Quality.

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