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Dog HepatoPac® Kits

Dog HepatoPac® Co-cultures are an ideal way to conduct all your DMPK, Predictive Toxicology & Mechanistic Toxicology applications. This model system is available as a Custom Research Service and in kit format for Metabolic Identification and Profiling.

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Dog HepatoPac® in vitro co-cultures secrete albumin, synthesize urea, display functional bile  canaliculi, and metabolize compounds using active Phase I and Phase II drug metabolism enzymes.



Liver Function

CYP450 enzyme activity was measured over a 20 day period in dog HepatoPac co-cultures. Promega's P450-Glo CYP450 Assay was used to assess activity.  

Metabolic Activity


The table above shows relevant in vivo human metabolites generated in Hepregen's Dog HepatoPac model.  

ND = Not Detected

The table below demonstrates the difference in metabolic activity between the Human and Dog HepatoPac models.  The two CYP2C9 substrates producted metabolites as expected in Human HepatoPac but not in Dog HepatoPac.  The amide hydrolysis product produced a metabolite as expected in Dog HepatoPac but not in Human HepatoPac.


Product Specifications

HepatoPac® kits can be used for any assay that can be run using sandwich, monoculture plates or suspension cultures. Due to the extended in vitro functionality of HepatoPac® co-cultures, Hepregen kits enable studies such as low turnover clearance or chronic toxicity studies that could not otherwise be performed. Dog HepatoPac® kits are application-specific, containing optimized media and plate layouts.

Currently, the Dog HepatoPac kit is available for Metabolic Identification and Stability applications.

Interested in another application? Hepregen scientists are available to discuss your application needs and recommend the appropriate kit, or develop a custom solution.

All kits are provided with pre-patterned primary human hepatocyte/stromal cell co-cultures. Primary hepatocytes and stromal cells are patterned on Day 0, cultured at Hepregen and shipped to clients on Day 5 of culture. Plates are delivered within 24 to 48 hours of shipping. Cells are ready for dosing on Day 8 of culture (1 to 2 days after receiving the plates). HepatoPac® co-cultures remain functional for up to 4 weeks in vitro, providing users with schedule flexibility. We take great pride in the reliability of co-culture manufacturing and their stability during shipping. Learn more about Kit Quality.



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Presentation Application of a Micropatterned Co-cultured (MPCC) Hepatocyte System to Predict Preclinical and Human Specific Drug Metabolism - Request Presentation