HepatoPac® Highlights - Volume 6, November 2013

HepatoPac™ Highlights

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Upcoming Webinar

Utility of Micropatterned Hepatocyte Co-Cultures for Drug Toxicity Studies
Thursday, November 21, 2013
11:00am - 12:00 EDT

Salman Khetani

Featured Speaker:
Salman R. Khetani, Ph.D., Colorado State

Co-founder of Hepregen and Co-inventor of
HepatoPac™ Technology

Micropatterned co-cultures (MPCC) were developed as a more stable and long-term model of the liver, containing primary hepatocytes from animal (rat, mouse, dog, monkey) and human species arranged in empirically optimized clusters and surrounded by 3T3-J2 murine embryonic fibroblasts.

In this presentation, Dr. Khetani will discuss:

  • Engineering of micropatterned co-cultures (MPCC)
  • Use of MPCC in toxicity studies
  • Acetaminophen bio-activation case study
  • Applications in Hepatitis C and Type 2 Diabetes
  • MPCC model using iPSC-derived human hepatocytes


Expanded Product Line

Monkey HepatoPac™ MetID Kits

Kits contain:

  • Monkey HepatoPac™ Co-Cultures
  • Maintenance Media
  • Application-specific Media and additives
  • Instructions for culture maintenance and application-specific protocols
  • On-site customer training included

Hepregen's ready-to-use HepatoPac® MetID kits are now available using monkey donor hepatocytes. Each kit contains everything you need to perform your MetID assays. Begin dosing as early as 3 days after receiving the kit. Every kit is backed by Hepregen's performance guarantee and professional customer scientific support. If you are unable to produce the desired results in your lab, Hepregen's scientists will run your compounds through our inhouse pipeline.

HepatoPac® MetID kits are available in four other donor formats: Human Triple Donor, Rat / Human Multi-species, Human and Rat.

Annual User Group MTG

Annual User Group MTG

We would like to thank all the participants of Hepregen's Second Annual User Group Meeting. A special thanks to all our presenters for sharing the exceptional data they have generated using Hepregen's HepatoPac® Micro-liver technology.

Edward LeCluyse,
The Hamner Institute

David Peters, PhD

Ragu Ramanathan, PhD

Kenneth Brouwer, PhD, RPh
Qualyst Transporter Solutions

Julius Enoru, PhD & William DeMaio, PhD

Yvonne Schaus, PhD