HepatoPac® Highlights - Volume 5, October 2013

HepatoPac™ Highlights

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User Group Meeting

User Group Meeting

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
8:30am - 4:00pm
Royal Sonesta Hotel
Cambridge, MA

The Hepregen User Group Meeting will bring together users and prospective users of Hepregen's HepatoPac® micro-liver platform to discuss practical applications and new products in the fields of drug metabolism and toxicology. Please join us for lectures in DMPK, Toxicology and New Applications as well as a variety of round table discussions. More Information

Featured Speakers

Keynote: Use of HepatoPac™ - An Improved In Vitro Model for Metabolite Identification  and Compound Stability.
Edward LeCluyse, The Hamner Institute for Health Sciences

Evaluation of the Toxicity Profiles of Selected Biogen Idec Compounds in Rat HepatoPac™ Co-Culture.
David Peters, Ph.D., Biogen

Comparative Metabolism of Eight Model Pharmaceutical Compounds in Rat and Human - Liver  Microsomes, Suspension Hepatocytes and the Hepregen HepatoPac™ Micropatterned Co-culture Platform.
Julius O. Enoru, Ph.D. and William DeMaio, Ph.D. , Ricerca

Minimizing Late Stage Human Specific Metabolite Surprises with HepatoPac™ Cultures: The  Loratadine Story.
Ragu Ramanathan, Ph.D., QPS

Application of Whole Hepatocyte Systems for Predicting In Vivo Relevant Drug Interactions.
Kenneth Brouwer, Ph.D., RPh., Qualyst Transporter Solutions

In Vitro Characterization of Phase I and Phase II Drug Metabolism in Human, Rat, and  Monkey HepatoPac™.
Yvonne Schaus, Ph.D., Hepregen

Expanded Product Line

HepatoPac™  MetID Kits

Now Available in 4 Formats

  • Human Triple Donor
  • Rat/Human Multi-species
  • Human
  • Rat

Meeting up with Hegregen

AAPS Annual Meeting
November 10-14, 2013
San Antonio, TX
Booth #4541

Poster: A Micropatterned Culture with Primary Hepatocytes and Kupffer Macrophages for Studying Inflammation - Drug Interaction.

New Resource

Poster - Bioactivation and Toxicity of Acetaminophen in Rat Primary Hepatocytes Cultured in Micropatterned Co-cultures.