HepatoPac™ Highlights - Volume 1, July, 2012

HepatoPac™ Highlights

In this Newsletter:

Dear Krista,

Hepregen recently expanded HepatoPac™ to include a new model incorporating Kupffer cells. We've also updated our website www.hepregen.com to make it easier to use with more in-depth information about our contract services and our HepatoPac technology. It includes library of scientific resources which we will continue to enhance over time. We would appreciate your thoughts and feedback, so please email us at info@hepregen.com. From all of us on the Hepregen team, we hope you find these updates valuable and we thank you for your continued interest and support.

Mann Shoffner
Director, Sales & Marketing

Featured Application

HepatoPac-Kupffer Cell Inflammation Model

The HepatoPac™ liver model has been supplemented with primary Kupffer cells, resident macrophages in the liver, that produce cytokines which promote inflammatory reactions. This enhanced platform is stable for over 10 days and can be used to study inflammation-mediated toxicities. Learn more.

HepatoPac co-cultures supplemented with Kupffer cells:

  • Enable evaluation of inflammation-based toxicity
  • Model both normal and inflamed physiological liver states
  • Retain viability for more than 10 days in vitro
  • May be used to monitor drug-drug interactions such as therapeutic protein-small molecule interactions

HepatoPac™-Kupffer cell co-cultures were treated with different cytokines (IL-2, IL-1β, IL-6 and TNF-α). IL-6 caused suppression of CYP3A4 activity in both the presence and absence of Kupffer cells. Importantly, a dose-dependent and Kupffer cell-enhanced suppression of CYP3A4 activity was observed upon exposure to IL-1β.

New Resources

Application Note: A Micropatterned Hepatocyte-Kupffer Cell Co-culture System to Study
Inflammation in Drug Discovery. An in vitro model capable of propagating an inflammatory
response for more predictive and more clinically relevant data.

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Case Study: Ability of a Micropatterned Hepatocyte Co-culture System to Generate
Major Human Drug Metabolites. The HepatoPac™ platform offers the highest performance
among in vitro metabolism systems to predict major human in vivo metabolites.

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Company News

Hepregen Corporation Receives National Science Foundation Grant Under SBIR Phase II-B Program
Hepregen was recently awarded a $500,000 grant from the National Science  Foundation under the SBIR Phase II-B Program. The funds will be used to  further develop and continue validating our HepatoPac™ platform.  This  latest award, along with a Challenge Grant from the National Institutes  of Health (NIH), a Mass Life Science Center Small Business Matching  Grant and earlier grant awards, total nearly $3.0M in state and federal  non-dilutive financing for Hepregen. Learn more.

Meeting up with Hepregen

Cell Based Assays Americas Conference
July 19-20, 2012
Boston, MA

Conference Presentation:
Dr. Okey Ukairo, Senior Principal Scientist, ADME/Tox Services will be speaking on A Novel Micropatterened Hepatocyte Co-culture System for Drug Metabolism and Toxicity Studies on July 20, 2012 at 10:20 am