Drug Transporter Assays
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Drug Transporter Assays

Membrane transporters can have important effects on pharmacokinetics and drug exposure as mentioned in the FDA's Guidance for Industry on Drug Interaction Studies. HepatoPac®'s improved functionality and longevity have made it a valuable tool in assessing transporter-mediated uptake and efflux.

HepatoPac expresses most drug transporters and exhibits higher levels of transporter-mediated compound uptake compared to sandwich cultures. Furthermore, HepatoPac retains optimal transporter functions for several weeks compared to days in sandwich cultures. As a result of microengineering, the HepatoPac cellular architecture creates a highly reproducible in vitro model exhibiting a consistent and extensive bile canalicular network.

  • High levels of transport expression for several weeks
  • Confers an extensive bile canalicular network
  • Highly reproducible platform
  • Retains metabolic capacity and function


HepatoPac® B-CLEAR® Transporter Kit

Click below to learn about our transporter kit, developed with Qualyst Transporter Solutions.

HepatoPac B-CLEAR Transporter Kit

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HepatoPac® B-CLEAR® Transporter Kit


Studies with specialized human hepatocyte cultures to investigate drug metabolism/transport interplay - Request Presentation